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Steve and I were panicking about how we'd ever manage to fill three hours a week teaching "Creating the Picture Book" at Pratt Manhattan. That was before the first class started and the mix of lecture and workshopping became a juggling act.

The students have been fabulous and their work has taken shape before our eyes.

Before starting a colleague told me I'd be surprised by how much I knew. I also learned how much I didn't know.

The generous and insightful brainstorming by the students delighted me and Steve (shown here.)

"By your students you'll be taught" turns out to be true. Without them, I might not have discovered such treasures as MR. TIGER GOES WILD, by Peter Brown or BIRDS, by Kevin Henkes. Without being involved in current picture books, I'd have missed TOYS MEET SNOW, by Emily Jenkins and many others. I probably would have missed LEONARDO, THE TERRIBLE MONSTER and the Mo Willems show at the New York Historical Society.

Oh, of course we knew computers would be important to the students' art process,

but we didn't realize how ubiquitous the laptops would be--and perhaps we haven't stressed enough the need to work with an actual physical dummy so you can see the pages turn.....

Only two classes--six hours--to go to be sure that point gets across!

Steve Henry and I will teach "Creating the Picture Book" again starting on May 22-August 7th, with Memorial Day and July 3rd as school holidays.

If you'd like further information or to register, click here.

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