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"Unfinished" near 75th St.

"Untitled, 2009" by Kerry James Marshall

There are so many surprises at this show, now at the Met/Breuer, otherwise known as "the old Whitney." I wonder how long it will take the public to transistion to the new name. After all, the BEA was "the old ABA" for at least a decade--for all I know it still is. But enough with the asides...

The third floor is filled with work by 15th and 16th century masters, including Titian and others, many unknown to me. Each painting brings a rush of astonishment at how "new" it looks. Some are surreal, others almost abstract.

The fourth floor shows contemporary work, including the piece shown by Kerry James Marshall. It wasn't the first time Marshall's work has stopped me in my tracks, and I was glad to see that there will be a show devoted to his work at this location from October 25, 2016 to early in January.

"Untitled (Club Scene) 2013" was shown in the MoMA lobby during the Jacob Lawrence exhibit.

A final aside: Where was something by David Hockney? Surely he has an unfinished piece or two lying about the studio.

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