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Kurt Vonnegut looks at Daniel Pinkwater as if he's just met a character from one of his own novels. This uncanny pairing came about at the New Jersey Library Association's annual convention in the mid-1980's, the librarians were honoring Daniel Pinkwater (I think for THE SNARKOUT BOYS) and Jill Kremetz, (for A VERY YOUNG DANCER?). Her husband came along for the ride.

The setting was worthy of either novelist: it took place at Mt. Airy Lodge, a honeymoon hotspot in the Poconos, replete with shallow heart-shaped hot tubs, mirrored ceilings, and shag carpets with left-over feathers from earlier orgies imbedded therein.

At the moment pictured, Pinkwater's acceptance speech, which had something to do with bells ringing in Tibet, still lies ahead.


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