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What students say...

I'm really happy with what I got from the class. It was an excellent motivator.  Steve and Barbara are a great team. I'm definitely recommending it." --Joe M.



                                                              "Barbara and Steve’s class was instrumental in helping me

                                                              understand picture books... an in-depth course

                                                              Their years of collective experience are a gift. 

                                                              And the best possible outcome was achieved,

                                              my picture book is being published!"--Amanda Moeckel

"This course was inspiring and informative. Barbara  and Steve's  feedback and commentary complement each other so well, you get a really unique perspective combining the editorial and artistic. Their individual attention and the small class-size mean that critique is personalized and focused. Week after week, the structure of the class and feedback from teachers and classmates helped me grow my story from a small idea to a full 40-page dummy.

     The motivation and creativity gained from working alongside others in the class and seeing their stories evolve was downright magical. I hope to take the class again someday and would highly recommend it." --Celeste K.


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by Amanda Moeckel

"Barbara and Steve's class artfully segues between the study of successful picture books and working and receiving feedback on a book of your own.  I was challenged to go deeper into my story, to clarify things about it, and to try out new approaches.  The constructive criticism I received from my teachers and classmates was invaluable in the development of my book dummy. I highly recommend this class!"  -- Jeff L.

"It was fantastic! Part lecture and part critique, each student in Barbara Lalicki's and Steve Henry's class has a chance each week to share thumbnails, sketches, dummies and final art."  --Lisa C.


"Everything was broken down for me in a well-put-together format, by 2 friendly and creative instructors Barbara and Steve....They compliment each other so well with their combined knowledge of writing and illustration.  

      With their help I was fully motivated to write and finish my book. Barbara and Steve created a classroom atmosphere that was very friendly and everyone felt at home...."  ---Dainty N.  

"This class is unique and far more useful than most other continuing education picture book classes I've ever taken. Barb and Steve's tag team pushes you to write your own stories, polish them up and guides you to the next steps for you to take your story to the next level. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is serious about publishing for children's books."--Erica C.


"For an entire semester, the skill, knowledge and experience of an editor and a writer/illustrator will be guiding every class.  Be prepared to redefine hard work.  

       It is very rare to find a course of this depth and breadth."   --Stephanie R.

"A thorough introduction to picture book....The way of teaching is very intuitive." --Zue Y.

"I looked forward to it every week."  --Michele P.

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