Sometimes when I get to the "after" of a project, I wish I had a photo of "before."  But the way things happen in the garden, I never really know when I'm starting something, and then I get too absorbed in what I'm doing to stop and get the camera.  The upshot of all this is that I do not have many photos of the garden where I spend so much of my time.

But I did make a powerpoint of the June 2019 garden, shown here in two sections.  The photos below are from 2017.

Heavy rocks
Immovable objects
Path layout
Spent the month of June making more paths after finishing this one last year.
Path underway
Queen Anne's Lace
Larry and Loretta
Pigeons waiting for Tom to finish putting out the birdseed
Larkspur in Bloom
The paths are working! Harriett gave me larkspur two years ago, and they keep coming back, to my delight. I put the amaryllis in the ground expecting nothing, and it bloomed!
France and Flowers
A combination of "Villenette" and flowers from the garden
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