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"The Painters of Modern Life"

How will painters deal with the ubiquity of smart phones in scenes of contemporary life?

Eric Fishl provides a compelling vision. Even without the whole explanation of how these pictures relate to the goings-on at an art fair, they say so much about our world today.

"Her" 90 x 68"

Business deal falling through? Love affair breaking up? All the sophistication in the world not protecting her from sadness and hurt feet?

"What Doesn't...Go Away...Miss?" 75x 55"

What is the story here? Was the old woman once the young woman? I can't make it out, but it feels real.

"Portrait of the Arist as a Battered Head" 68 x 80"

This strikes me as the most powerful expression of the artist's alienation, so beautifully conceived and curiously non-judgmental. The art exists, the woman exists; the world inside the smartphone competes with five marvelous attempts to draw her attention.

I got interested in Eric Fischl by reading his autobiography, BAD BOY. Then I got interested in his art.

He's represented by the Skarvstedt Gallery on 79th Street near the Met.

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