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This workshop helped me see what I have been doing wrong

and how to fix it....Gives you a great overview of the publishing process.

                                                                                                       --Rosemary B.




I took a one-day art workshop; it was great fun and got me thinking that workshops provide a lot of information for people who want to explore a topic but aren't sure about investing the time in an an extended course.   

Steve and started bouncing ideas around and have created some lively visuals and exercises to help with the challenges of writing for this demanding format and to give some guidelines based on our professional experiences and study of successful titles

--like the classics and new hits seen here.  

Ever hear you should read 100--or 500-- picture books? Using classics and new

titles this workshop explains why--and how to do it!

The workshop includes lively visuals to illustrate points with classics and current hits, exercises, tips and Q & A throughout.  Barbara and Steve also provide feedback on 

story ideas and 4-5 portfolio pieces.