Matisse Does Cutouts
Done after seeing the fabulous show of Matisse's cut-outs at MoMA.
My sister Leslie, drawn one morning while visiting her in San Francisco.
Party Time
Aunt Rita, my grandmother, and her father B.J.
"Matisse the Master"
Based on a New Yorker photo
Jacqui Singing.jpeg
My sister Jacqui found her voice on a cruise to Europe.
"Charm City Sisters"
Inspired by the Cone sisters' Matisse collection
"Wild Ride"
Based on a tiny b&w photo of my mom in her backyard
"The Film Star"
I fell in love with the Karl Hubbuch b & w print, "The Film Star Spends Two Minutes in Her Parents' Garden," when I saw it at the Morgan Library. I could just see the star's parents beaming from the cottage door.
Tom Sleeping
My dear husband.
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