A 10-week online class

especially for illustrators

Create the Picture Book


Offered by Pratt/Manhattan

At pratt.edu Continuing Ed

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then Fine Arts 

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10 Sundays from 1-5 pm

Next offered in Fall '21

Registration info to come


Steve Henry and me, Barbara Lalicki 


Drawing on decades of editorial experience at major publishing companies including HarperCollins, I teach a picture book classes with Steve Henry, whose newest published book HIDE! was praised for "expressive and inviting characters" by Kirkus and called "a winner" by SLJ.

Because he approaches publishing as an author-illustrator while I come at it as an editor, we're offering perspectives from "both sides of the desk." 

For writers who want to explore this versatile format-- 

Two 5-week online courses





Offered by the Scarsdale Adult School


5 Thursdays. 10 am-1 pm

Next ESSENTIALS session will be Fall '21

registration Info to come, probably in late summer

REGISTER online: ScarsdaleAdultSchool.org


"Interesting, informative, and invaluable

for anyone who wants to learn more

about writing or illustrating.

 A wonderful experience."

--Dana W.


Questions? E-mail Barbara at 456abra@gmail.com

and/or Steve at stevehenrydraw@verizon.net

 All artwork © 2015 by Barbara Lalicki unless otherwise noted.