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Steve Henry and me, Barbara Lalicki 


I started teaching "Create a Picture Book" with Steve Henry about 7 years ago.  In that time he's written and illustrated many successful books, including HAPPY CAT, SNOW IS FUN and HIDE!, praised for "expressive and inviting characters" by Kirkus and called "a winner" by SLJ.


Steve and I just finished a terrific semester at Pratt, with exciting students and projects. For me, it was a good note to end on, but I hoped Steve would continue to share his expertise.


So I'm delighted to say that he'll be offering a new class at Pratt this fall.


I originally got interested in teaching with Steve because I thought his understanding of illustration demands and techniques should be shared, and he'll focus on this in his new class.

See Steve's website

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 All artwork © 2015 by Barbara Lalicki unless otherwise noted.

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