course PMFA-451

at Pratt Institute in Manhattan

(144 West 14th Street near 7th Ave.) 

The Spring 2020 class was completed online.

Will update with Fall information when it is


Ten Sundays--Dates TK

from 2-4:50 pm

REGISTRATION may open in August for Fall 2020.

online at or by calling 855-551-7727

for course PMFA-451

Course Description:


Are you an artist with a character in mind? A story to tell?

In interactive sessions, an editor and an author-illustrator help you refine your ideas and character sketches into a successful picture book.

     You’ll learn how to express your personal vision and appeal to your audience—children and publishing decision-makers.

     Through analysis of classics and popular "newbies" you will gain a better understanding of the importance of rhythm in language, plotting, and layout. 

     Using writing exercises, demonstrations, and workshopping, we'll help you find the best way to present your story.

     Our goal is to see you develop a dummy, color samples, and an understanding of what's needed before presenting your work for publication.


Learn how to express your personal vision and appeal to your audience—children and publishing decision-makers







Starting out as an illustrator, STEVE HENRY is now writing his own books, including HAPPY CAT, starred by Kirkus Reviews, CAT GOT A LOT,  HERE IS BIG BUNNY, and HIDE!, called "a winner" by School Library Journal. Clients include: Harper Collins, Holiday House, Scholastic, Golden Books, Houghton Mifflin, Random House, Simon and Schuster, The New York Times, The New York Public Library, Manhattan Toy, Nickelodeon, and PBS. His work can be viewed at: and on Instagram.


BARBARA LALICKI has been an editorial director at major publishing companies including, most recently, HarperCollins. Through her career she’s loved working on a wide variety of picture books with such author-artists as Jim Arnosky, Pat Cummings, Henrik Drescher, Mary Engelbreit, Paul Goble, Susan Jeffers, Steven Kellogg, Betsy Lewin, Melissa Sweet--and Steve Henry. 


Steve Henry and I are coming at the process of creating a picture book from different sides of the desk. This  unique mix of editorial/publishing and artistic/creative experience helps students unlock their picture book's potential. 

"Barbara and Steve are a great team."-- Joe M.

"You get a really unique perspective, combining the editorial and artistic."--Celeste K. 


"I highly recommend this class."  --Jeff L.

"I was fully motivated." -- Dainty N.

"It is rare to find a class of this depth and breadth."--Stephanie R.

"It was fantastic!"-- Lisa C.

"Very intuitive." -- Yue Z.

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