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Steve's sketch shows an early stage in the process of idea creation and revision needed to complete a book. 


Steve knows first-hand how hard it is to get to "yes." But he's done it time and again.

His books include HAPPY CAT, starred by Kirkus Reviews, CAT GOT A LOT, HERE IS BIG BUNNY, and HIDE, called "a winner" by School Library Journal, and SNOW IS FUN, praised for "cinematic strategies" by Kirkus Reviews. FRIENDS ARE FUN will be published in 2024.

Steve graduated from Pratt Institute and, after he quickly illustrated his first picture book, he began to work in editorial illustration for such publications as the N.Y. Times and Rolling Stone before gravitating back to picture books with NOBODY ASKED ME.


I started my publishing career as "assistant to the editor" in a more (much more) relaxed time. Surviving two corporate take-overs, I eventually retired from HarperCollins as an SVP and editorial director.  


So I've experienced the changes that have occurred over the decades. I've also seen how the industry has developed--and what has remained constant. With this experience, I know much of what an editor is looking for.  

I say "much of" because while all editors have certain basics in common, they all have their own individual preferences. 

Art © by Steve Henry

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